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PHP Website Redesign website has just launched a beta version of their new site design. This is much needed as the current design has not been changed since March 8, 2001, back when PHP was at version 4.0.4. The new design uses touches of javascript to allow you to jump to various locations without having to go through multiple clicks. I say it is a welcome change.

The code examples was what I was most interested in. The font has been reduced in size and defaults to your browser monospace rather than: Consolas,”Andale Mono WT”,”Andale Mono”,”Lucida Console”,Monaco,”Courier New”,Courier,monospace. It also uses a white background with a grey border rather than the grey background.

Previous Code Example

Previous Code Example


Updated Code Example

Updated Code Example



I’ve had a love/hate relationship with MAMP for the last few years – mostly love, but there are a few things about it that have turned my hair grey. One of these things is the packaged PEAR library. I have been wanting to install PHPUnit for quite some time now and have gotten close, but was never able to actually get it running from within the MAMP environment. Well today I set forth to change this… Continue reading

Autoloading Classes

Update: Times change, now that PHP 5.3 has namespaces, check out the PSR-0 Standard for autoloading. Hari K T wrote a great introduction to some of the benefits over at PHPMaster.

For those PHP coders out there that are starting to use OOP, if you don’t know about the autoload function, read on. Continue reading

Dealing with MySQL Date

Working with dates can be a pain, especially if you are storing them in a database. In the quick example you will learn the basics of the date, strtotime, and mktime functions to convert your dates to be stored in a MySQL database and to retrieve the date from the database and display it in a nice format for the end user to see. Continue reading