benchI’m sure you have figured out by the domain that my name is Jeremy Moseley. I started working on websites in the late ‘90’s and have continued to learn along the way. I’ve always been fond of math, so programming was a natural career choice. Between sessions at the beach I managed to get a Computer Science degree from Hawaii Pacific University. I’ve worked on a wide array of projects for local non-profits to fortune 500 companies.

I’m not the stereotypical programmer that stays in his basement coding away, I actually like getting out! I love anything having to do with the beach. I like to bodyboard, swim, or just lay on the sand. My favorite hobby is sailing. I am ASA certified 101-105. I race when I have the opportunity and charter when I don’t. On the nerdy side I have a few hobby collections: coins, sneakers, and bitcoins. I also like snapping photos.

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.
– Aristotle

Coding the Web